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FT does not involve shooting any kind of animal, in fact all BFTA affiliated clubs ban the shooting of live quarry on their ranges and will suspend any member that ignores this rule.

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Origins of the sport

The exact origins of FT have been lost in time, but it is generally accepted that the first field target competition took place in the early 1980's in the South of England.  Rumour has it behind a pub.  The early competitors used a variety of rifles, usually with open sights or very basic telescopic sights to shoot small round paper targets that were stuck onto boards.  After each shot everyone would go and see if it was a hit or miss, the score would be recorded and the next target would be shot.  During this period Derek Peckover developed the resetting Nockover target which has become the standard ever since.  Over time rifle technology advanced and the availability of higher powered optics started to take over from the rifles used to control vermin and the sport became what it is today.  Although originating in the UK, FT has spread across the world and is found in the USA, Poland, Russia, South Africa and a number of other countries as well.  One of the issues with FT as an international sport is that local legislation for air rifles varies tremendously from country to country and although the format is common, the power of the rifles and the size of the targets are not.  It's because of this that it's remained a fairly low key national based sport (although each year there are European and World championships) and does not feature in high profile international competitions such as the Olympics.


How can I get started?

This section is intended to give you an insight into FT, the equipement and various types of shooting.  SBFTC has all the targets and general equipment that you'll need, we have two club rifles available for use.  Most of the members are very happy to allow you to try out their kit, so even if you don't have your own rifle you'll almost certainly get to shoot.  If you already have a rifle bring it along (so long as it's below 12ft/lb) and get a taste of FT. 

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