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As a club member you are entitled to join our internal competition. To cover the cost of trophies there is a £8 entry fee.

It's great fun and a good way to learn about competitive shooting
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Club league is almost here, we're just finalising the dates and they'll be up in the next few days but in the meanwhile here's what'll be happening. Sorry, it's a bit long..
The league will be 7 rounds, the first 6 will be 20 shots and the final one will be 40 (we go around twice), your top 5 scores count towards the league so you can miss a couple of rounds or drop 2 dodgy scores and still be in the running for a trophy but the club shield (the most targets hit) takes into account all 7 scores. It's all shot on the clock so 2 minutes per lane. The 20 shot courses will have one standing lane and one kneeling lane, the final round shoots these twice. Start time will be 10.00 with the safety briefing at 9.50 which you must attend, the score cards are handed out at the briefing so if you're late you don't get a card and don't get to shoot the round! I'm going to be shooting and I'm not going to stop shooting to sort out someone's score card and their shooting partner because they couldn't be bothered to get there for 9.50.
The sillies will also be running from 10.00 and you can choose to shoot the sillies first and then the FT as long as your partner is in agreement. I'll be allocating partners for each round so you'll get to meet and chat with other members rather than just your best mate. Entry fee for members (full or range) is a one time payment of £8 for the FT and £2 for the sillies, this allows you to shoot all 7 rounds. If you join late in the season it's still the same, we don't pro rata entry fees and if you drop out mid season there are no refunds.
Only SBFTC members that have paid the entry fee can shoot the course during the competition and record a score but we usually finish well before the end of the club day so once the course is emptying non competing members can have a go. Rather than running a grade system for trophies we will be adding handicap points to your score, C gets 2, B gets 1 for the first 6 rounds for the FT. The sillies give C 3 points, B 2 points, A one point. The final FT round being 40 targets means C gets 3, B gets 2 and A gets 1. Your starting grade is the higher of your BFTA grade (if you have one but for SBFTC members holding a BFTA card isn't mandatory for this series) and your finishing grade for the 2016 club league, I'll let you know your grade before round 1. New shooters will usually be C grade, unless you have some history!
Visitors can only shoot on a league day if they hold a current BFTA card (being a member of another club isn't sufficient, visitors must hold a current BFTA card), the fee for visitors is £5 per round (this allows them to shoot the FT and Sillies and also use the plink). Visitors should note that the course is set as a 'club course' and won't be as harsh as winter league or GP's, so it probably won't be tough enough if you're looking for a challenge to keep your eye in between GP's.
Only SBFTC members are eligible for trophies, it's a club league so visitor scores won't count towards the league.
The plink will be open for members as usual on league days so if you're not shooting the comp you can still plink, visitors may only shoot the plink on league days if they hold a current BFTA card.
I'll post dates once they're agreed, round 1 is likely to be very early May so we have a few club days before then if you want to ask me anything about the league.
If you're a prospective member planning to visit the club on a day when we're holding a competition please be aware that you will not be able to shoot until after the competition as there will be no one available to give the safety briefing, sort out a club rifle or chronograph your rifle.




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