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GP1 Meon Valley
GP2 Tawd Vale

A 5-45 am start for Steve and I for the pm session at Tawd with several sections of the M5-6 with speed restrictions of 50 mph resulted in nearly 4 hours of driving. The rain cleared as we travelled up resulting in a really nice sunny day , but with a strong gusty wind. I don't think we have ever had a wind free day at Tawd. The farmer in the fields next to the wood decided to fertilise his fields but with the strong wind and dust gave us all a good dusting ,that was certainly a first! Tawd put on their usual enjoyable course but it seemed to have a lot of long shots for the wind conditions, but as usual the top shots did well. Steve shot Piston class and came third with 36 ex 47. Myself 25 ex 47.

The presentation of trophies at the end of the GP session has now been done away with owing to lack of shooters not attending after. Its a shame really as now you have no idea when you leave as to who won what and have to wait for the results to go up.

GP3 Blaenau Gwent.
Not too far for this round of the series, with a grey overcast start and light winds forecast it was looking good for this challenging venue, but the sun managed to break through bringing the midges and humidity out to play. There were some very steep up and down hill shots with plenty of targets in the 40 to 55 yrd range and some extreme angles to the lane gates not really the sort of shots you can get a lot of practice in for. The wind seemed to increase a bit in some sections for the pm session and a adjustable hamster must go on the wish list for these sort of venues but are they really worth the extra expense considering how many times we get high shots? It was certainly a hard but enjoyable days shooting with still lots to learn!
Well done Steve Privett on coming third in Piston class with 32 ex 49.
Pcp. Gary Banham 36ex49. Rob Farnworth 34ex49. Geoff Ames 23ex49.
Next round Bisley on 11th June.
GP4 Bisley

Bisley stepped in to hold this round after Meon pulled out unexpectedly, but the guys at Bisley know their stuff with course design and put on a cracking course, with Yellow faceplates which were more enjoyable to shoot compared to the usual Bisley Winter League Black. The firing line ran mostly along the fence line with a good mix of targets and plenty of angled shots thrown in, which made for a bit of a guessing game with the wind constantly switching direction. It was nice to see plenty of club members shooting at a GP.
Next GP is on July 2nd at Iceni. Geoff.

Rob Farnworth 40 ex 48 AA
Cliff Church 39 ex 48 AA
Barry Warren 37 ex 48 AA
Gary Banham 33 ex 48 A
Geoff Ames 30 ex 48 B
Steve Privett 36 ex 48 Piston class

GP5 Iceni
Just over a 3 hr drive to the East coast with a bright sunny day for this round 5 of the series. Quite a gusty wind for the am shooters which decreased as the day wore on but kept on switching direction. Luckily the firing line ran through woodland which gave a bit of shade on most lanes but made for hot humid conditions. The course was set with a great mix of ranges with a few high shots thrown in which made for a fun course as well as a bit of a challenge. 107 shooters finished the course with only pairs on the pm session owing to cancellations and lower entries.

Scores for club members;
Gary Banham 40 ex 48. Geoff Ames 35 ex 48.

Round 6 Castle. 16th July.
GP6 Castle FTC

Once again dry hot and sunny but as we were shooting in woodland it didn't seem to warm. We had the usual stiff Summer breeze which eased the further you went around the course. There was some suggestion that the course was a bit easier which was reflected in some of our scores bit it was certainly a enjoyable course to shoot with a few whistles during the pm session owing to one target playing up.

Rob Farnworth 46 ex 49
Gary Banham 40 ex 49
Geoff Ames 39 ex 49

Steve Privett 37 ex 49 Piston
joint third.

Next rd - Sywell August 6th

GP7 Sywell

A dry sunny start again for the drive up for Rd7 just the other side of Northampton. Steve and I left early and just as well as we were held up at Silverstone for 40 minutes owing to the Ford car show. Sywell has a reputation as a tough ground to shoot at and today proved no exception with a wind which increased in strength as the day wore on. Shooting in the field area the wind was mostly from the right hand side with most of the targets around the 30 to 50 yrs range. Then up to the garden area with its neat grass and shrubbery with the wind deciding to switch sides and gust just as you were about to take the shot, with more reducers just for fun and several shots up in the trees and sprayed the lovely black colour just for more of a challenge. Next up the '' Banks of Doom'' with mostly full sized kills one target at the bottom and the other usually around the 45 to 50 yrd range so noughts and crosses time again. A tough but challenging shoot with great company and all three of us on our lane getting a similar score so all in all a tough but enjoyable day
Rob Farnworth. 39 ex 47 Pcp.
Steve Privett 30 ex 47 Piston.
Geoff Ames 27 ex 47 Pcp.

Rd 8 Emily Moor 20th August

GP7 Emley Moor

The last round of the series which seems to have flown by this year and the course organisers set a fairly long horseshoe shaped course in this lovely deciduous woodland. The wind seemed to ease as the day wore on and by late afternoon the midges put in their appearance especially at the presentation. Most of the targets were in the 40-55yrd range with not to many reducers to worry about and with quite a few targets high on a bank and up in the trees. This was certainly a competition well worth the long ride for and one of the best this series.

Scores on the day.
Rob Farnworth AA PCP 39 ex 49
Geoff Ames B PCP 39 ex 49
Steve Privett AA PISTON 38 ex 49

Well done to chairman Steve on finishing third overall in piston class especially after missing one round. Roll on the Winter league! Geoff.

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