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End of Season Shoot Popham Woods

A very wet morning greeted the 28 shooters that took part in this presentation shoot, with very little wind to worry about but fogging and rain on the lenses kept you on your toes. Basingstoke was a new ground to shoot at for many and the course was enjoyable to shoot despite the rain. Well done to Cliff Church scoring 39 ex 40 shooting PCP and all club members for taking part in the conditions which seemed to put quite a few people off taking part. Winter league Champ Steve Privett scored 35 ex 39 using his springer. A few shooters were using the shoot to prepare for the Paul James Charity shoot on April 2nd good luck to all those taking part and any club members taking part in the Inter Regionals. A Big Thank you must go to Rob Montani for getting the round results up so quickly this season quite a thankless task.

End of season RESULTS click HERE (PDF)

Round 1
Oct 2nd
Thirteen club members made the early morning crossing to the Island for the first round of the series, with two other club members {Renegades] shooting but representing other clubs. The day got off to a chilly start with a N`W breeze which proved quite challenging, and as the course was set out to a fairly square shape so gave a good selection of directions. With some interesting target positioning and good range selection Carisbrooke put on possibly their best course yet. Maybe the lanes were a bit close together but it made things cosy in some sections. Well done Buccaneers team C on finishing first and Steve Privett with a top score of 38 ex 40 good shooting. Let's hope we can do as well at the clubs ground in a fortnights time.
Round 2
Oct 16th  
The forecast for Sunday was for a wet and windy start and that was what we were blessed with for this our first of our two Winter League rounds. Luckily the sun managed to put in a appearance just at the start with only the occasional shower during the shoot which led to the usual steaming up of lenses and glasses. Once again Rob and Steve put on an excellent course which was quite challenging with the wind not remaining constant. Total of 47 shooters turned out for this round with several new faces turning up to take part which is good for the sport. Hopefully Broadlands will get the overflow car parking sorted as thing are getting tight with the increase in shooters. Many thanks to all that helped with the course building and clearing over the weekend and Glenda and Keith for doing the booking in and tea making, also, Stephen Lucas with the gazebo which provided much needed shelter for some. Geoff.
Round 3
Nov 6th
Meon Valley
A cold frosty start for this round held at Hen Woods located in the South Downs National Park. The long drive up the track to the range gave plenty of time to view the lovely autumnal tree colours and scenery, with plenty of pheasants playing a game of dare. The course was set out in roughly a square shape fully utilising the sun at the top end of the range with the high tree shots giving plenty of white out. With the wind strength increasing as the morning wore on and with plenty of reducers was quite a challenging but enjoyable course with target ranges ideal for the conditions. A total of 48 shooters took part and Buccaneers team three now head the team leader board, early days yet but good to see. Well done to young Bethany with a cracking score for the conditions 26 ex 37. Next round - North Oxon at Kennel Copse- November 27th.
Round 4
Nov 27th
North Oxon
Fifty shooters took part in this round which included several guests so several lanes had three shooters in them. North Oxon put on quite a challenging course for the NE wind. There were only two targets out at full range with the majority in the 35-50 yd range but with the usual full amount of reducers. The high tree target made a nice change and most people around us seemed to hit it okay. No whistles today for a change which was nice. Well done Buccaneers C still top of the team leader board and Steve P with 37 ex 38.Many thanks Monty for getting the scores up so quickly. Next round is at our ground11th December. Geoff.
Round 5
Dec 11th

Our second round at the club grounds and thankfully a dry start with sunshine and fog, and just the occasional bit of wind to catch you out on some lanes if you weren't careful enough. The course was set above the plinking range and a good selection of ranges and targets were used with most shooters saying they enjoyed the course, once again a enjoyable shoot with only 3 whistles for minor issues. Many thanks to everybody involved with course setting and marshalling, and clearing away after. Cliff Church won the round with 39 ex 40 and Steve Privett 38 ex 39 Rob Farnworth 37 ex 39.Stephen Lucas 35 ex 39 so another fine win for Buccaneers C team keeps them four points in the lead. Well done Glenda, Bethany and Jeff with their personal highest scores yet. Next round is Bisley January 8th. Geoff

Round 6
Jan 8th
40 CSFTA members took part in this round of the Winter League plus visitors from Kent and Wales which meant a couple of feeder lanes. After the foggy drive up it came as a surprise when the rain started which gave the scope lenses the usual soaking and misting up. The wind had an effect on the longer range targets but it was very hard to read as it was only slight and inconsistent. We had a few whistles which were not welcome with the rain and sitting on a wet cushion ! Top score on the day was Bisleys Justin Wood with 39 ex 40 which was good shooting in the conditions. Well done Buccaneers team C who head the leader board by five points.
Round 7
Jan 22nd
It must have been one of the coldest shoots many of us have taken part in with minus 4 recorded on the drive to the shoot. The number of people taking part seemed down a bit but with the freezing fog and driving conditions it was hardly surprising. Meon put on a very good course and the target range selection was spot on. Trying to read the wind direction was quite hard as it switched direction near the top of the course but it was still a very enjoyable shoot apart from the whistles. Chairman Steve is only four points behind Bisleys Justin Wood on the leader board with Cliff Church -Rob Farnworth very close behind with some great scores. Buccaneers team C are now 12 points ahead so things are looking good ! Next round Newbury 5th February. Geoff.
Round 8
Feb 5th
A misty drive up with only a light N N East breeze to start with which increased as the morning wore on but was very inconsistent. Thirty seven Central Southern shooters took part with several shooters from Wales visiting. The course was set out differently today with lane gates being closer together and most targets being downhill shots with a good variety of ranges, with the white target stands and gate stakes standing out well. No whistles today which was nice and gave a earlier finish for everybody. Well done Cliff and Steve P both finishing on 39 ex 40 with Steve Lucas getting a personal best 36 ex 39 and Rob Farnworth 35 ex Buccaneers C in a very healthy position on the score board. Looks like It's very close between the top three-Steve P and Justin and Cliff so plenty to fight for at North Oxon, good luck to all. Well done Bethany 28 ex 39 showing Dad how its done today. Next round 26th February - North Oxon Geoff
Round 9
Feb 26th
North Oxon
The last round of the series and congratulations go to Chairman Steve who won the Central Southern crown winning the AA Division and the Gary Wells Trophy after a very closely fought series with Justin Wood. Well done Cliff Church and Rob Farnworth finishing very closely behind. Team Buccaneers C won the team trophy. A great win by all team members, Well done all.
The End of Season Shoot is to be held at Popham Woods on 12th March.

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