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Below are a few of our club rules.

You should read and understand the FULL rules before applying to become a member.

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Southampton Buccaneers Club Rules

The principal objective of the Southampton Buccaneers FTC is to support, encourage and promote all aspects of the sport of air rifle field target shooting. The Club is affiliated to the British Field Target Association (BFTA) through the Central Southern Field Target Association (CSFTA) and will abide by the rules, regulations and constitution of the BFTA.

The Club’s ground is near Ridge (South of Romsey) and is leased from the Broadlands Estate.

Membership is offered on the condition of acceptance and abidance with these rules.

No one will be permitted to shoot at the Club Grounds on a non Club day.

No one will be permitted to shoot at the grounds on club days unless a Committee member is present and the range has been declared open

All shooters must abide by the safety regulations required under legislation, set out in the BFTA instruction manual and those contained within this web site.

All members should ensure that they are holders of a valid BFTA registration card and SBFTC membership card. Proof of membership to The Club may be requested by Broadlands Estate Staff or other tenants in neighbouring areas to the Club Ground.  The club shall arrange for members to obtain a BFTA card at the members own cost.




Air guns of any calibre which comply with the statutory limitations in force at the time of the Club day may be used.  FAC air guns may not be used at the Club.

Shooting of wildlife is strictly prohibited and could result in an immediate suspension from the Club.

Club Days
The Ground will be opened at 9:00am and will close at 12.30 am on a Club Day.  T
The Main Gate to the Car Park MUST be closed behind each car on entry and on leaving the Club Ground. This is a primary condition of our Tenancy agreement. Breach of this regulation could result in an immediate suspension from the Club.

To meet insurance regulations, all shooters should sign-in before starting to shoot on a Club day.

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