For your safety, please read the 3 golden rules on this page.




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The 3 golden rules are:

Treat all air weapons as if they are loaded, even if you're sure they aren't. 

Demonstrate to others that your weapon is safe.  When not on the firing line ensure that magazines are removed, the cocking bolt is back and the breech is clear (no pellet in).  The weapon should not be cocked.  On spring rifles ensure that the barrel is broken or the cocking lever is free.  It's good practice with pre-charged PCP rifles (but not springers) to dry fire before leaving the firing line.  Never rely on a safety catch.  Air rifles are not like live round rifles, even with a safety catch on they can still go off.

There are only three places you may ever point your air rifle; downrange, at the sky or at the ground.  Only ever point a rifle at something you intend to shoot.  Even if you know that a rifle is unloaded, always carry it pointing at the ground with hands away from the trigger.  Pointing up is also acceptable (but only with air rifles and NOT live round), but it is usually easier to carry pointing downwards.  Take care when using a sling as if you bend over the rifle will point forward at head height. 

These 3 basic rules will ensure that you are safe, but there are other considerations to ensure that no accidents happen. 

The law changes from time to time so we recommend that you periodically check that you understand how it applies to air rifles and that you're fully compliant.  At the club you must ensure that rifles are below 12ft/lb and pistols are below 6ft/lb and as long as you abide by the club safety and membership rules you're generally OK, but at home, on the way to a shoot or if you shoot at other places you need to be aware of far more.  Although our rifles aren't currently subject to any kind of license you are subject to the full provisions of the firearms act and any offence committed with an air rifle is a firearms offence and carries some pretty high penalties.




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