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Southampton Buccaneers are primarily a “Field Target” club which is a bit of a misnomer as the majority of metal targets are situated in trees, bushes, undergrowth and on open land. This is called a course. Target distances vary between 10yards (9.1metres) and 55yards (50metres).

The types of target used on a course are of the “knock over” type where a shot to the circular hit zone results in the target falling, to be reset by the attached string. A miss is recorded if anywhere else but the hit zone is shot on the target.

Another type of target is the resettable type. Once again, a shot to the circular hit zone will see the paddle fall which can then be reset by a hit to another paddle located under the target.

Resettable targets are primarily set out on our extensive zero range. This is where shooters can set their equipment up at various distances before entering the course. Paper targets are also available here.

Please note, the shooting of live animals is strictly forbidden anywhere on the estate. 

Knock Over Target

Resettable Target


Basically there are two types of airgun our members use.

One is the pre-charged pneumatic (pcp) which holds a certain amount of compressed air. These types of airgun are favoured by the majority of us as they are recoil-less, and can be more accurate in beginners hands.

The other is the traditional spring piston airgun. These types of gun have become more sophisticated in recent years with less recoil and more accuracy. Indeed, one of our members, Steve Privett, is twice World Spring Gun Champion, outshooting most pcp owners.

A telescopic sight is a must, no matter what type of gun you shoot, just to be able to see the hit zone which can vary from 15mm to 40mm. Some competitive shooters use high magnification scopes which can range the distances of the targets.

Wind is a major factor in most sports, be it golfing or football, a projectile is always affected by the wind. Knowing how much “aim off” to give a target is something that comes with experience and practice, you will see a lot of shooters tie a piece of string to their guns so they can roughly tell the speed and direction of the wind.


No matter what route you choose when joining the club, be it competitive competitions or just general everyday shooting, you will be assured a warm welcome.

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