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Whilst the club encourages all abilities and interests to come along and shoot at our grounds we are very keen to encourage competition among our members.  Even if you’re not looking to compete at the regional or national level it’s a good way to improve your shooting

There are several types of competitions that you can enter and the shooting is taken very seriously (after all it is a competition) although the key is to enjoy yourself and meet new people.

Presently the club enters the following:

SBFTC Club League

This competition is held at our own club grounds over the summer months.

CSFTA Winter League

This competition is held at various club grounds around the region and has individual and club team elements.

OPEN and Grand Prix events

There are several events held around the country that attract top shooters – some of our club members participate in these events.

Club League

This competition is held at our own club grounds over the summer months.

Winter League

The Winter League is a series of shoots that take place in the CSFTA area, hosted by the various clubs usually commencing in October and ending in March.

The format for winter league is a 40 target course run to the BFTA Main Shoot rules and contains both an individual and team element with your top 5 scores over the series counting towards the individual places.  Start time is usually 10am with a compulsory safety briefing at 9.45. The courses are a step up from club league, not necessarily longer lanes but target placement and the use of terrain (and wind) will push you much harder than our club league.  For the best part it takes a little over 2 hours to shoot a winter league course and we shoot in all weathers, rain, snow, sub zero but we stop short of hurricanes so be prepared to get wet and cold!

Anyone with a BFTA card can enter but only those that have cards registered to a CSFTA club can be placed in the regional scores.  At the end of the season the Inter Regional team is selected from the top placed shooters, for many the ‘Inters’ is the highlight of the year getting to shoot as a team against some of the the best shooters in the UK.


There are several ‘OPEN’ competitions featured during the Summer months. These are held around the country and attract top class entries.

As a club we’re pretty competitive and many of our members shoot regional, national and international competitions.  Check out our Facebook page for more information and results.

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