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SBFTC is a friendly club which presently has male, female and junior shooters.

Whatever your experience, we know that you will enjoy coming along and shooting.

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SBFTC has been around since the 1980's and on the current ground at the Broadlands Estate near Romsey since 2014.  Primarily we are a field target club affiliated to the British Field Target Association (BFTA), but we also welcome and encourage other styles of air rifle shooting and on most club days you'll see a variety of rifles. 

Being a BFTA affiliated club, we offer:

Full insurance
BFTA qualified club instructor
Links to many other clubs and associations

We have sizable grounds on the Broadlands Estate near Romsey with hard parking, a dedicated area for plinking and extensive woodland where we put out a mini course most club days and run club competitions during the summer. Whatever your main shooting interest, be it plinking or competition, practice really improves your success rate and there's always friendly help to sort out equipment problems, coach your technique or offer impartial advice on your next purchase.

The wooded area is shaded by mature trees keeping off the sun on hot days and light rain away when it's wet.  It also has interesting and varied terrain but can get a bit muddy at times so make sure you wear suitable footwear.  The terms of our lease means that we have a limited number of days we can shoot per year and club days are always on Sundays, usually starting at about 9 and finishing around 12.30.  Often the day gets extended slightly if the weather is good and members want to stay on for a while longer but it tends to be decided on the day so don't bank on the club being open at 12.31!

Being in a rural setting we don't have access to either electricity or water, so ensure you bring a supply of fluids as it can get quite hot in summer and nibbles to keep your sugar levels up.  We have toilet facilites on site.

From autumn through to spring we compete in the team based Central Southern Region winter league against other clubs in the region. 

But it's not all about competition so if you're not looking to take up competitive FT you're still very welcome and won't be in any way excluded from club activities. 


BFTA affiliated air rifle clubs have an excellent safety record because we have rules that are rigidly enforced.  It's imperative to realise that air rifles and pistols are not toys, they may have 'low' power levels but they are capable of causing serious injuries or even fatalities.  Because of this we follow the golden rules:

Always treat a weapon as if it was loaded (even if you're sure it isn't) and never rely on a 'safety catch'

Always keep the rifle pointing at the ground unless at the designated firing line

Never leave the firing line with the rifle cocked or a magazine fitted (magazines are only permitted to be fitted in the rifle at the firing line and must be removed prior to leaving the line)

On your first visit to the club we will give you a tour of the facilities and provide you with a thorough safety briefing to ensure we all continue to enjoy a safe environment.  Strict adherance to these rules is a condition of membership.

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