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Summer Club League

It's almost that time of year again, first round is 31st March and round 2 is 21st April.  See our facebook pages for more information.



The AGM was held and a number of areas discussed and agreed.  Minutes are avialable from Geoff and there should be a copy in the club hut for your perusal!


We've now got two Facebook pages, the Team Bucanners FT page that is for current members only where we can discuss the inner workings of the club (and slag off other clubs) but we've resurrected the old page Buccaneers Airgun Club page which is open to everyone and will be kept more up to date than this website will.  Things like late changes to competitions, abandoned club days and that kind of thing is much easier to publish via FB than on a webpage.

Team Buccaneers FT current members only facebook page

Southampton Buccaneers Airgun Club public facebook page



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