Please read the following before completing the application and then complete Page 2 in BLOCK CAPITALS.



1.             I declare that I have read the rules of the Club and agree to abide by them.


2.             I agree that in the case of serious breach of these rules my membership may be suspended or terminated.


3.             I agree that all membership fees paid to the Club are non refundable except by the discretion of the Committee.


4.             I agree that under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent GDPR legislation, the Club may hold personal information manually and/or electronically for the purpose of maintaining up to date membership records and historical data.


5.             I confirm that under section 21 of the Firearms act 1968 and its subsequent amendments, I am not prohibited from owning, acquiring or using an air weapon.


6.             I agree that any children aged 18 or under will at all times be supervised by a parent or guardian aged 21 or over whilst at club grounds.  I agree that the Club shall have no responsibility for their supervision.


7.             Membership Fees


Full membership is £66 for the year running from 1st January. Full members do not pay any range fees.  Please note that all existing members pay full fees no matter when they re-join throughout the year.


Range Membership costs £36 per year from 1st January and a range fee of £3 per visit is payable on each visit.


Junior membership costs £5 per year (with BFTA card £10.00) from 1st January.  All Junior memberships must be associated with an adult membership.


Adult fee’s are pro rata starting 1st January.  Any adult membership taken out after February is subject to a £5 admin fee.


Junior fee’s are not pro rata.



Membership Type

1 year

Full adult

£66 (with BFTA card £71.00)


£5 (with BFTA card £10.00)

Range Adult

£36 + £3 per visit

BFTA card (optional)

£3.50 (runs from April 1st)




Information given will be used for club records only and will be treated as confidential in accordance with the Data Protection act 1988 and GDPR.


By signing this form you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the club as promulgated in the Safety Rules and Constitution, and you further declare that you are not prohibited from possessing an air weapon or ammunition by virtue of section 21 of the Firearms Licensing Act 1968 (as amended 1997).


(Section 21 applies to anybody who has been sentenced to imprisonment or youth custody or to detention in a young offender’s institution for three months or more. The period of prohibition is for life if the sentence was three years or more and five years if the sentence was less than three years.)


SURNAME                                                    FORENAMES



POSTCODE                                                             E-MAIL

PHONE                                                          MOBILE        

Senior [   ]                   Junior (under 18)  [   ]             DOB (if under 18)            /         /

If under 18 years of age, please fill in the following:

Name of Parent / Guardian – Mr/ Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other......................................



Postcode                                           Phone

Signature of Parent / Guardian


I enclose payment of £                        for Senior/Junior Full Membership or Senior/Junior Full Membership with BFTA card

I enclose payment of £                        for Senior/Junior Range Membership or Senior/Junior Range Membership with BFTA card

Date                                             BFTA Number