We shoot exclusively at metal targets placed at any distance between 10 and 55 yards. They consist of a metal front plate, normally painted black, in which is a hole that varies in size between 15 and 40mm diameter. Behind this hole is a paddle, normally painted yellow, which represents the ‘kill zone’. When a pellet passes through the hole and strikes the paddle it operates a lever which makes the whole target fall flat indicating a kill and scoring 1 point. Hitting the faceplate will not make the target fall and will score 0. To reset the target for the next competitor you tug on a cord that runs from the firing line to the target resetting it to the upright position ready for the next shooter. You only get 1 shot per target and a time limit of 2 minutes per lane (2 targets).

Front plates vary in shape and style, sometimes squares or circles but the important part is the size of the kill zone and that there is good colour contrast between the two parts of the target.  Over the course of the competition the paint marks up with the various hits (or misses) and the kill zone can become more difficult to see, but that’s part of the fun. 

For practice, targets that can be reset by hitting a ‘reset plate’ are used.